California is Seeing Red

California is seeing red. Red shirts, that is. People showed up in droves to oppose California’s SB 277, which would remove the personal belief exemption for children attending public and private school, as well as daycare. They waited for hours, filling the halls, seven overflow rooms, an employee cafeteria and a basement room. All for a moment to stand at a microphone, say their name and that they oppose SB 277. Many of them families of the vaccine injured, or vaccine injured, themselves. It was a sea of red shirts. The largest turnout in 15 years. Unfortunately those parent’s pleas fell on deaf ears, as SB 277 was passed 6-2 and will go on to the next committee. The good news? You still have a chance to stand up and fight for parental rights!


To be clear, all parents should oppose SB277. The issue is not about whether or not you support vaccines, it’s about who own your child’s body. We teach our children that their body is their own, and no one is allowed to touch their bodies without their permission, or put anything in or on them that makes them uncomfortable. This would include medical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs. It is a basic human right to decline taking something into yours or your child’s body, especially if it carries the risk of injury and death. Where there is risk, there must be choice. And there is undoubtedly risks associated with vaccines. Because the vaccine manufacturers and doctors are exempt from legal recourse if a vaccine injures or kills your child, the money paid out to these families comes from our tax dollars. Yeah, that’s right. WE pay for these children’s injuries and deaths. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies rake in billions of dollars each year. These companies have zero incentive to make safer, more effective products. They have it made. The government mandates their products, and then picks up the tab when it kills your baby. So far that tab exceeds $3 billion. Not surprisingly, since the drug companies were granted immunity from law suits, the vaccine schedule has more than tripled. When I was a kid, I got around 12 vaccines. Kids these days get up to 36 by age six.


Have I mentioned that there are over 200 new vaccines in development? Are you comfortable signing your kids up for the vaccine schedule of the future, sight unseen? Would you be okay with the current vaccine schedule (the most aggressive schedule in the world) if it tripled again? What if they mandated a vaccine for balding or athletes foot? This may sound crazy, but the fact is, we are already vaccinating babies on their first day of life against a sexually transmitted disease; Hep B. This shot won’t even provide them protection long enough for them to be sexually active. To me, that sounds crazy. Should you decide for any reason that even one of the required vaccines isn’t a good fit for your child, they will be considered exempt and would then have to be homeschooled. Even if you only miss one booster shot. Exempt DOES NOT equal unvaccinated. Very few kids are completely unvaccinated.


But what about the immunocompromised kids? I’m glad you asked! Most immunocompromised children have either already been vaccinated, or can still be vaccinated. There are only rare circumstances when a child temporarily cannot receive certain live virus vaccines. They also cannot be around anyone who has recently been vaccinated with a live virus vaccine. So tell me, who is putting that immunocompromised child at greater risk; the healthy unvaccinated child, or the recently vaccinated child who is shedding live virus for several weeks? Let us not forget about the teachers. Teachers and school staff make up around 10-25% of the school population. What good is the “herd immunity” hypothesis (and it is a hypothesis) if the vaccine status of 10-25% of the school’s population is not held to the same standard? Furthermore, having vaccine induced immunity does not surround you in a protective, germ-proof bubble. Kids who are immune to infectious disease can still pick up and spread those same diseases. Just because it doesn’t make that child sick, doesn’t mean it won’t infect a susceptible child. The measles can live for several hours on surfaces, hands, door handles etc. Doesn’t it seem a little odd to bar healthy unvaccinated children from school, when infectious diseases can still be spread in spite of their attendance?

This is an extremely important time in California for parental rights and medical freedom. This is not a pro-anti vaccine thing. This is a time for all parents, regardless of your views on vaccination, to stand up and fight against medical coercion. Every child deserves a public education. There currently is no state of emergency that warrants taking away a parent’s right to refuse a medical procedure. In fact, California’s personal belief exemption rates have dropped 19% in the last year. Vaccination rates are currently at an all-time high.

I can tell you right now, as someone who lives with a vaccine injured person, parents who have already damaged or lost a child to a vaccine will not risk maiming their other children. It will not happen. We take this very seriously, because we have personally witnessed the damage that can come from vaccines. If you vaccinated your kids and they came out unscathed, consider yourself lucky. Not all of us can say the same. You cannot ask us to set our children on fire to keep yours warm.

If you are in support of parental rights and medical freedom, please let your voice be heard! Now is the time to speak up. Please contact your senators and attend the next committee hearing on Wednesday, April 15th at 9am. Be strong. Be heard. And make them see red!!


“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

“This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.” -The Nuremberg Code


7 thoughts on “California is Seeing Red

  1. Great post, CarolAnn! I hope my friends in California are reading about this critical issue. Love this quote: “Where there is risk, there must be choice.”


  2. There is no epidemic, second; to force vaccines, invasive medical treatment is against the moral and conscious decision of every individual. To violate what is your “GOD” /Universal given right, in making choices in your medical treatment, it is your choice, not anyone else’s. For parents that have children, it is your Right to make medical decisions for your children and or speak out in what u believe to be true and correct, not your doctor (s), not the government, or state when it comes to making personal choice’s for your well being, as no one will take any liability!….We are “Free Citizens”, of the United States of America!….This is clearly a crime against “Free Citizens”, as well as “Freedom of speech”. An invasion of Government, upon you and or your children(s) personal body!, Ask yourselves does that make u Free?…As our dollar bill states ” In God we trust! ” Who is this “god” the Government speaks of, ask yourselves that question?, Is it not based within (our!),Constitution!…….. The medical community, committees, and all other governing agencies, have no right to your body, and or Your children in the choices u make…. Our body, your choice!!!!!Protect your rights! Do not let them Govern your body, as well as your children!……


  3. Great Post. I was there in Sacramento. This cannot be allowed to pass. It is a lying travesty, and will eventually be found out to be the greatest crime against mankind.


  4. Go after those who voted yes. Intimidate them. Harass them. They are obviously so deluded that only fear will change their minds. And for God’s sake, move out of California. You have horrendous drought, illegal aliens taking over all public services, the threat of a severe earthquake hanging over your heads, and unbelievably high taxes. Why would anyone want to live there?


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