(Part 2) A Beginner’s Guide to Vaccine Research.

In part 2 of our vaccine research, I will go over the American vaccine schedule and see how it compares to other countries. We will also go over death rates prior to vaccines, and discuss the effects the vaccines and other factors had on those death rates.

The United States is the most vaccinated country in the world. You would think that because of our high vaccination rates, we would also have the least disease outbreaks as well as the healthiest children, but that is simply not true. The Untied States has the highest infant mortality rates (IMR) out of all the 27 developed countries. A baby born in the US is almost three times more likely to die during their first year of life, than if they had been born in Finland or Japan.

Another interesting statistic to note, is that Mississippi (who does not allow non-medical exemptions to attend school) has the highest vaccine coverage in the US, and also the highest IMR. There are of course many factors to consider, but it does make you wonder. According to The Washington Post “The U.S. rate of 6.1 infant deaths per 1,000 live births masks considerable state-level variation. If Alabama were a country, its rate of 8.7 infant deaths per 1,000 would place it slightly behind Lebanon in the world rankings. Mississippi, with its 9.6 deaths, would be somewhere between Botswana and Bahrain.”


Notice where Finland and Japan fall on both graphs? If all of the vaccines on the US schedule are so vitally important, why aren’t the countries with the lowest number of vaccines suffering huge losses? According to one study from the National Institute of Health, the number of vaccines given by one year of age, directly relates to the number of infant deaths.

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“It appears that at a certain stage in nations’ movement up the socio-economic scale—after the basic necessities for infant survival (proper nutrition, sanitation, clean water, and access to health care) have been met—a counter-intuitive relationship occurs between the number of vaccines given to infants and infant mortality rates: nations with higher (worse) infant mortality rates give their infants, on average, more vaccine doses. This positive correlation, derived from the data and demonstrated in Figures 1 and and2,2, elicits an important inquiry: are some infant deaths associated with over-vaccination?”


Are vaccines really conducive to better health? Were they even responsible for eradicating or reducing mortality from infectious disease? Let’s see what the data shows. One of the things I have noticed over the span of my vaccine research, is that all the graphs from “pro-vaccine” websites start around the 1940s-1950s. I believe this is very deceptive. When you zoom in on such a small window of data, it shows a relatively steep decline in deaths after a vaccine is introduced. But if you zoom out on that data, to show mortality rates starting in the late 1800s-early 1900s, you’ll notice a drastic decline of mortality from infectious diseases prior to the introduction of the vaccines. Case and point:

Pretty shady, right? But that’s not all. It turns out that ALL infectious diseases have a similar decline prior to the vaccine being introduced. Including the ones that no vaccine was ever administered for, like Scarlet Fever.

So, If vaccines aren’t really responsible for the decline in disease, then what was? The simple answer: Better sanitation and nutrition. Please take the time to watch this 5 minute video.

Gone are the days of throwing your chamber pot out into the street where children play. Now we bathe regularly, wash our hands after we use the restroom and have access to clean water anywhere we are in the country. The only places where there are still outbreaks of polio in the world, are places where people are still lacking in those necessities. They often bathe in the same water they drink. They don’t have access to a proper toilet. They are malnourished. And, above all, they are still using the oral polio vaccine in these countries. The oral polio vaccine is illegal to use in the US because it sheds in the feces of the recently vaccinated and was shown to be a major contributing factor in the spread of polio here in the US. Why do these developing countries not deserve the same standards we have here in America? Why are we vaccinating these poor malnourished babies with a vaccine that we know will contaminate their drinking water? A quote from  Patricia Doyle, PhD “No one realizes that at the same time polio cases began to wane, the first world was improving sewage and water systems. I would liken the reduction in cases to improved potent water supplies and to improved sewage treatment. I remember in the early 1950’s the city of Yonkers, NY came to the suburb of Yonkers, Sherwood Park, east yonkers and actually required us to hook up to the sewer system. At that time our home was using a cess pool and well water. Many homes, mostly older, in my area used the cess pool and well water systems.

“Polio is actually spread via feces/oral route. I would wager that President Roosevelt got his polio swimming in the Hudson river which is where many of my neighbors got their polio. I remember seeing signs which read “No Swimming due to Polio” in Alpine NJ along beaches on the Hudson River. The Hudson was notorious for having raw sewage enter it.

“If polio vaccine is the sole reason for ending the spread of polio in the first world, then why hasn’t polio ended in India, the Congo and other countries? There have been countless polio vaccine campaigns year after year in Africa, India etc yet we keep hearing about outbreaks, currently, India and Africa have polio outbreaks. The answer is not vaccine but sanitation. In countries that have raw sewage entering the rivers, lakes etc where people use these same waterways for drinking and cooking the disease will never die away. The money spent on vaccine is only a fraction of what it would cost to put in decent sanitation which would include sewers and sewage treatment along with providing potable safe drinking water in the third world, so, consequently, the pharma industry with a lot to lose talks about the reduction of polio via vaccine. Ergo, the myth is perpetrated.”


More info on polio here:


Required Reading: Do not skip over this link. This is a link to more graphs demonstrating the ineffectiveness of vaccines.


What about smallpox? Smallpox was was the original vaccine, and has been hailed over the years as being a roaring success at vanquishing the disease. Again, historically, we find this to be untrue. And again, we find that the vaccine actually aided in the spread of the disease, as well as caused many deaths in and of itself. When you consider that the original smallpox vaccination consisted of cutting open a vein, and then smearing infected pus from a smallpox blister into the wound, Gandhi couldn’t have said this better:

More information on the history of the smallpox vaccine here:



Let’s backtrack a bit. Why does the US have the highest number of vaccines? This is a very easy question to answer: Why wouldn’t it? In 1986 a federal law was passed, protecting the drug manufacturers from being sued by the families of vaccine injured or killed children. The drug companies have zero liability. If your child is injured or killed by a vaccine, you have to petition a “vaccine court” and prove that the vaccine, in fact, caused your child’s health condition. The vaccine court isn’t really a court. There is no jury. You go through a lengthy process, and jump through hoops and hope that they will rule in your favor. Since this law was passed, more than $3 billion has been paid out to these families (including families of autistic children [see Hannah Poling]). Yet we hear over and over again “Vaccines are safe and effective.” The Supreme Court classifies vaccines as an “unavoidably unsafe” product. They are not safe for every person.

Not surprisingly, since the drug companies cannot be held liable for injuring your child or killing them, the vaccine schedule has more than tripled since 1986. Meanwhile, the vaccine industry has raked in billions of dollars each year. They get all the profit, with none of the accountability.

Our children are not being vaccinated on the same schedule that we were as children. Not by a long shot. When I was a kid, I got around 10-12 shots and that was considered safe enough to go to school. Now, if a child was vaccinated on that schedule, they would be considered a threat to public health. They would not be part of “the herd.” Why was this schedule adequate thirty years ago, but now we would have to sign an exemption to get our kids into school if they only get ten shots? Are they all necessary? Does a baby need to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B on it’s first day of life? Hepatitis B is only spread through unprotected sex and intravenous drug use. How many junkie baby hookers do you know? By the time these children are old enough to engage in those sort of risky behaviors, the vaccine would have long since worn off.

That brings us to our final lessons in this installment: Herd Immunity and Waning Vaccine Immunity. It used to be thought that if you got a vaccine, that you would have lifelong protection. Over time that was proven to be untrue, thus the increase in vaccine boosters. Unfortunately, that is also showing to be ineffective at providing lifelong protection. Herd Immunity was discovered by A W Hedrich in the early 1900s. According to Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D.

“Early research performed by A.W. Hedrich has been deemed instrumental to the idea that herd immunity is readily attainable.  Dr. Hedrich analyzed measles outbreaks occurring in Baltimore, MD every 2-3 years between 1900 and 1931.  He found that just prior to a major outbreak in that city, the proportion of susceptible children under the age of 15 was about 45-50%. At the end of any outbreak, the proportion of still susceptible children never fell below 32%. Nevertheless, 95-97% of children experienced measles before they reached the age of 15.[iii]  For this reason adults were immune from measles.

“The finding that a rather large number of susceptible children routinely escaped measles during any particular outbreak gave optimism to the United States Public Health Service that herd immunity works at a threshold, which is considerably less than 100%.  An official prediction was made that measles would be swiftly eradicated in the USA as early as 1967 by establishing and maintaining this readily attainable threshold via mass vaccination, which already started in 1963.  This prediction failed to materialize and measles epidemics in the U.S. did not stop in 1967.  The concept that vaccine-based herd immunity is readily attainable for the purposes of rapid disease eradication appeared to be invalid.”


Not only is herd immunity based on natural immunity (which lasts a lifetime), but it has never been proven to be attainable through vaccination. According to Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock “That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades.”


More information on natural vs vaccine induced immunity here (It’s long, but so worth it):

Some final thoughts to consider:

– Vaccine induced immunity is temporary, at best. Lasting between 2-10 years.

-Natural immunity lasts a lifetime.

-Both vaccines and infectious disease carry the risk of injury or death, which may be greater for some than others.

-Historically, it would appear that vaccines had little to nothing to do with the decline of death rates from infectious disease. Rather, sanitation, nutrition and clean drinking water are responsible for lower death rates.

-Vaccines have been known to spread the disease they were supposed to prevent.

This concludes this installment of our vaccine research. I hope you learned a lot. In the next (and probably final) installment we will learn the risks associated with infectious disease and the potential adverse reactions that can be caused by vaccines and then weigh the risks of both. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

Bonus Materials:




No one has died of measles in the U.S. in the last 12 years, 108 have died as a result of the adverse effects of the vaccine in that same time period.



A Beginner’s Guide to Vaccine Research. (Part 1)

I’m about to bestow unto you what so many pre-internet parents of decades past wish they had had access to before making the decision to vaccinate their kids. Even now, with all the information at our fingertips, it can be quite the daunting task to find good, credible sources that aren’t riddled with scare tactics and propaganda. You get that on either side of the vaccine debate, but I’m going to do my best not to bog you down with all that bullshit.

As you may or may not know, I do not vaccinate my kids. With that said, I’m a huge supporter of all parents, no matter what path they choose in life. I’m really not a fan of the whole “Mommy Wars” thing. We should all try to educate, but also respect. We all have the same goal: to do what’s best for our kids. The reason I don’t vaccinate my kids (well, there’s lots of reasons) but the MAIN reason I don’t vax them, is because my husband and his mother both have vaccine injuries, and that tends to run in families. Both of them were injured later in life by a single vaccine (flu shot for my MIL, Hep B for my husband) which caused them to develop an autoimmune disease. When you think of autoimmune disease, you may think MS, Parkinson and the like, but what a lot of people don’t know is that autoimmune disease is much more common than that. Conditions like asthma, allergies, eczema, chronic sinusitis and food allergies are all autoimmune diseases, and they are all on the rise. People who have a history of these conditions are at a much higher risk of having an adverse event after vaccination. See Predicting Post-Vaccination Autoimmunity: Who Might Be At Risk?


With that said, the first step that every parent should take when considering whether or not to vaccinate, is to read the package inserts. These are the product inserts that contain the information for each vaccine. This is not the same thing as the sheet of paper that the doctor gives you. All of the inserts are pretty similar, so I suggest choosing a minimum of four vaccines from the current schedule and reading them all the way through, making sure to read the ingredients, the contraindications and the adverse events. Be sure not to miss the rare adverse events listed towards the bottom.


Here is a side-by-side list of the vaccines with their ingredients and side effects for easy reading.


Now review the current vaccine schedule, each disease that we vaccinate for in the US, and the symptoms and complications for each disease.


Now let us discuss. You may have noticed a lot of really toxic and off-putting ingredients in the package inserts. Things like Aluminum, Mercury (thimerosal), formaldehyde, neomycin, monosodium glutamate (MSG),  MRC-5 DNA and cellular protein (aborted human fetal lung fibroblast cells), just to name a few. Let’s discuss each one a little further.

Aluminum– Aluminum is put into vaccines as an adjuvant. An adjuvant is an ingredient of a vaccine that helps create a stronger immune response in the patient’s body. It’s job is to rile up the immune system. Aluminum is a heavy metal that, in high enough quantities, can cause serious health problems. Here is what MedScape had to say:

“All metals can cause disease through excess. In addition, essential metals can affect the human body in the case of deficiency or imbalance. Malabsorption through diarrheal states can result in essential metal and trace element deficiencies. Toxic effects are dependent upon the amount of metal ingested, entry rate, tissue distribution, concentration achieved, and excretion rate. Mechanisms of toxicity include inhibition of enzyme activity and protein synthesis, alterations in nucleic acid function, and changes in cell membrane permeability.

“Approximately 95% of an aluminum load becomes bound to transferrin and albumin intravascularly and is then eliminated renally. In healthy subjects, only 0.3% of orally administered aluminum is absorbed via the GI tract, and the kidneys effectively eliminate aluminum from the human body. Only when the GI barrier is bypassed, such as by intravenous infusion or in the presence of advanced renal dysfunction, does aluminum have the potential to accumulate. As an example, with intravenously infused aluminum, 40% is retained in adults and up to 75% is retained in neonates.”

The signs and symptoms of aluminum toxicity are usually nonspecific. Typical presentations may include proximal muscle weakness, bone pain, multiple nonhealing fractures, acute or subacute alteration in mental status, and premature osteoporosis. These patients almost always have some degree of renal disease. Most patients are on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

The CDC says “Aluminum salts, such as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum potassium sulfate have been used safely in vaccines for more than 70 years. Aluminum salts were initially used in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s with diphtheria and tetanus vaccines after it was found that this addition strengthened the body’s immune response to these vaccines.”

According to this Pub Med article “Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.”


According to the FDA  “Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral (injected) administration if kidney function is impaired. Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they require large amounts of calcium and phosphorous solutions, which contain aluminum. Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5mcg/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.”


Basically, The CDC says it’s perfectly safe, but cites no safety studies, and the FDA says that a healthy 8lb newborn baby shouldn’t receive anymore than 4-5mcg/kg/day, which equals 18.16mcg in one day. On the first day of life, newborn babies are given the Hep B vaccine (the one that injured my husband when he was 14). According to RXlist.com, the Hep B vaccine contains 25mg of aluminum, which is equal to 250mcg. I’m not sure how this is legal, but that is definitely a toxic dose. Referring back to the vaccine schedule, the Hep B vaccine is given on the first day of life, at 2 months and again at 6 months. At their 6 month appointment, they may also be given shots for Rotavirus, DTaP (which is a three in one shot for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis), Hib, PCV, IPV and a flu shot. Of these shots, the DTap, the Hib and PCV may also contain aluminum. Here is Dr. Paul Thomas on this subject:

Mercury (thimerosal)– Thimerosal, which is approximately 50% mercury by weight, has been one of the most widely used preservatives in vaccines. It is metabolized or degraded to ethylmercury and thiosalicylate. Ethylmercury is an organomercurial that should be distinguished from methylmercury, a related substance that has been the focus of considerable study. You may have heard that mercury has been removed from vaccines. And this may or may not be the truth. Like so many things that the CDC says, this is at best a half-truth. One thing is for sure, the flu shot still contains 25mcg of ethylmercury. As well as any multi-dose vaccine vials, to prevent contamination. Thimerosal’s main use is as an antiseptic and antifungal agent. Here are a few short video clips from the documentary Trace Amounts regarding mercury.

People are being told that mercury was “phased out” to err on the side of caution. This is not true. Several years back, there was the Simpsonwood Hearing, which was a secret gathering of CDC officials, scientists and vaccine manufacturers to discuss the possible link between mercury and autism. The transcripts are available online, but it is very lengthy. I will link it anyways. During this hearing, they discussed the available science regarding ethylmercury (the type in vaccines) and discovered that there were almost no safety studies done. A lot of standards for ethylmercury are based on studies done on methylmercury, which is quite different. The conclusions that they drew were that there was a sizable gap in safety studies, but based on the standards of methylmercury, children at that time were receiving over 400 times the safe limits of mercury all together. Then, a large portion of this hearing was dedicated to how they would be able to keep this information from the American public. One of the attendees of the hearing was even quoted in the transcripts as saying “I won’t be getting my grandson vaccinated until this is all worked out.” Here is RFK Jr. speaking about it (skip ahead one minute).

Here is RFK Jr’s summary of the hearing.


Here are the transcripts from that hearing.


Formaldehyde– According to the FDA “Formaldehyde has a long history of safe use in the manufacture of certain viral and bacterial vaccines. It is used to inactivate viruses so that they don’t cause disease (e.g., polio virus used to make polio vaccine) and to detoxify bacterial toxins, such as the toxin used to make diphtheria vaccine. Formaldehyde is diluted during the vaccine manufacturing process, but residual quantities of formaldehyde may be found in some current vaccines. The amount of formaldehyde present in some vaccines is so small compared to the concentration that occurs naturally in the body that it does not pose a safety concern.” With that said, Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. And while a pear may contain more formaldehyde than a vaccine, keep in mind that there is a huge difference in injecting a toxin and ingesting a toxin. When you ingest something, it has to go through your mucosal immune system. From there, it is passed through your digestive tract, where it is filtered by you liver and kidneys. When a toxin is injected, it completely bypasses all of your body’s natural filtration. When you inject heavy metals, they tend to accumulate in the nervous system and brain.

Neomycin– According to Medscape “Neomycin is an antibiotic that interferes with bacterial protein synthesis by binding primarily to the 30S subunit of bacterial ribosomes. Many vaccines contain trace amounts of neomycin to prevent bacterial contamination during the manufacturing process.

According to the NACDG, neomycin is the third most prevalent allergen that often manifests as a delayed-type contact dermatitis.

There is little reason to believe that high sensitization rates to neomycin are attributable to vaccines. To date, no cases of local or generalized eczematous reactions to neomycin-containing vaccines have been reported. One case of anaphylaxis has been attributed to neomycin in a vaccine although the causal relationship is uncertain.”

According to the package insert for oral Neomycin “Patients with a history of hypersensitivity or serious toxic reaction to other aminoglycosides may have a cross-sensitivity to neomycin.”

“Additional manifestations of neurotoxicity may include numbness, skin tingling, muscle twitching and convulsions.

“The risk of hearing loss continues after drug withdrawal.

“Aminoglycosides can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. Aminoglycoside antibiotics cross the placenta and there have been several reports of total irreversible bilateral congenital deafness in children whose mothers received streptomycin during pregnancy. Although serious side effects to fetus or newborn have not been reported in the treatment of pregnant women with other aminoglycosides, the potential for harm exists. Animal reproduction studies of neomycin have not been conducted. If neomycin is used during pregnancy, or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking this drug, the patient should be apprised of the potential hazard to the fetus.”

“Neomycin is quickly and almost totally absorbed from body surfaces (except the urinary bladder) after local irrigation and when applied topically in association with surgical procedures. Delayed-onset irreversible deafness, renal failure and death due to neuromuscular blockade (regardless of the status of renal function) have been reported following irrigation of both small and large surgical fields with minute quantities of neomycin.”

“Before administering the drug, patients or members of their families should be informed of possible toxic effects on the eighth nerve. The possibility of acute toxicity increases in premature infants and neonates.”


Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)– MSG is used as a stabilizer in a few vaccines to help the vaccine remain unchanged when the vaccine is exposed to heat, light, acidity, or humidity. According to this Pubmed study, “Higher amounts of individual MSG consumption are associated with the risk of having the metabolic syndrome and being overweight independent of other major determinants.”


MSG is what’s known as an excitotoxin. Excitotoxins are a class of chemicals (usually amino acids) that overstimulate neuron receptors. Neuron receptors allow brain cells to communicate with each other, but when they’re exposed to excitotoxins, they fire impulses at such a rapid rate that they become exhausted. More about excitotoxins here:


WI-38 and MRC-5 DNA and cellular protein (aborted human fetal lung fibroblast cells)– According to catholiceducation.org “In the United States, 10 different vaccines for chicken pox, hepatitis A, polio, rabies, and rubella are cultured on aborted tissue from two fetal cell lines known as WI-38 and MRC-5. These vaccines are Varivax (chicken pox), Havrix (hep-A), Vaqta (hep-A), Twinrix (hep-A/hep-B), Poliovax (polio), Imovax (rabies), Meruvax II (rubella), MR-VAX (measles/rubella), Biavax II (mumps/rubella), and MMR II (measles/mumps/rubella). Alternative, pro-life vaccines are available in this country for all but the chicken pox, hepatitis A, and rubella inoculations.

“The WI-38 ‘human-diploid’ cell culture was developed in July 1962 from a ‘therapeutically aborted’ three-month-old girl. ‘WI’ is an acronym used by the Wistar Institute, an aggressive proponent of embryonic stem cell research. The August 1969 issue of the American Journal of Diseases of Children explains WI-38 was taken from a voluntary abortion performed in Sweden: ‘This fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose [use as a vaccine culture]. Both parents are known, and unfortunately for the story, they are married to each other, still alive and well, and living in Stockholm, presumably. The abortion was done because they felt they had too many children.’

“MRC-5 is derived from the lung tissue of a 14-week-old baby boy. MRC stands for Medical Research Council, a research center funded by British taxpayers. According to Coriell Cell Repositories, “The MRC-5 cell line was developed in September 1966 from lung tissue taken from a 14-week fetus aborted for psychiatric reasons from a 27-year-old physically healthy woman.”

“Development of the rubella vaccine actually involved not one, but 28 abortions. Twenty-seven abortions were performed to isolate the virus and one abortion (WI-38) to culture the vaccine. The vaccine’s strain is called RA 27/3 (R=Rubella, A=Abortus, 27=27th fetus tested, 3=3rd tissue explanted). Rubella, or “German measles,” is usually a harmless childhood disease. Ironically, rubella is most dangerous for preborn infants, who have a 20 to 25 percent chance of contracting congenital rubella syndrome if their mothers catch rubella during the first trimester. Scientists at the Wistar Institute took advantage of the 1964-65 rubella epidemic to legally acquire fetal tissue from at least 27 so-called therapeutic abortions conducted on women at risk for rubella. Since the live virus was not detected until the 27th abortion, the preceding 26 abortions were apparently performed on perfectly healthy babies. By contrast, Japanese researchers obtained a live virus by swabbing the throat of an infected child.”

More information on the religious implications of aborted fetal cells here:



Feeling overwhelmed yet? Me too. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Since we are on the topic of ingredients, we should also probably cover food allergies. According to the website smartvax.com, the words “allergy” and “anaphylaxis” were created to describe vaccine injury.

“The terms ‘allergy’ and ‘anaphylaxis’ were created following a strange illness that affected up to 50% of vaccinated children at the close of the 1800s.  This illness was simply called ‘serum sickness’ and followed the first mass administration of diphtheria anti-toxin sera.  Austrian pediatrician Clemens von Pirquet studied the illness at length and observed that the symptoms of this sickness resembled those in people who were hypersensitive to pollens and bee stings.  To better describe this ‘altered reactivity’ to the sera he created the Latin derived word allergy in 1906.

“In 1901, another doctor Charles Richet had stumbled on the same phenomenon during attempts to vaccinate dogs to a jellyfish poison.  He began by injecting dogs with trace amounts of the poison to create a level of tolerance to it.  However, when he injected the animals a second time, he provoked a violent reaction that quickly killed the dogs.  For this reaction he used a Latin term ana-phylaxis or anti-protection, because the outcome was the opposite of the protection that the vaccine was supposed to provide.

“Richet experimented further.  He quickly discovered that any protein including those from foods injected into the bloodstream results in sensitization and anaphylaxis on subsequent exposure to the food. Richet injected minute quantities of milk and meat proteins into cats, rabbits and horses and showed that anaphylaxis is a universal immune system defense.

“Prior to the advent of vaccination, mass allergy such as serum sickness was unknown.  At the dawn of the 20th century, doctors identified the problem of allergy as an outcome of mass vaccination – on which government relied.  The dilemma of serum-induced allergy was summarized by allergist Warren Vaughan in 1941:

“‘Serum disease, as this is called, is a man-made malady.  If we had no curative serums and if there were no such thing as a hypodermic syringe with which to introduce the material under the skin, there would be no serum disease.  Instead multitudes would still be dying from diphtheria and lockjaw … Thus, we find ourselves in somewhat of a dilemma, faced with the necessity for choosing the lesser of two potential evils.’    Warren Vaughan, Strange Malady (1941)

“As vaccine ingredients became better refined to reduce the sensitizing proteins, prevalence of serum sickness decreased.  With the 20th century expansion of vaccination programs and schedules to include food proteins and adjuvants, however, other unforeseen problems arose to take its place.  One of these was a rise in food allergy.” More info on the origins of allergy and anaphylaxis here:



For more info on food allergies read:


In this document from The World Health Organization, they discuss the potential for an adjuvant to cause hypersensitivity to its own ingredients (oil and water emulsion adjuvants commonly use peanut oil [i.e. peanut allergy]) or hypersensitivity to ones own tissues (i.e. Autoimmunity). (See sections 2.1.2, 7.1 and 7.2)


This concludes Part 1 of your vaccine research. Thank you for reading and learning! In the next installment, we will discuss, among other things, the controversial American vaccine schedule.

The Birth of Bailey

   Since my birth stories are in such high demand (they aren’t), I will continue the saga by telling the tale of how Bailey came to be.

We decided to wait until after my 21st birthday to try for our next baby. I wanted to get drunk legally for the first time in my life, so I thought it through, and figured it would be much too challenging to let hot dudes do shots out of my belly button while I’m “with child”, because when I get pregnant my belly button is flush with the rest of my tummy. And, when you factor in that it turns brown and has a perfect wagon wheel pattern in it, it looks just like a cat’s butt hole. And ain’t no one want to do shots out of a cat’s butt hole. At least I hope not. Goddammit, now I’m gonna have to Google that.. Plus drinking while you’re knocked up is frowned upon in most cultures. Although, I often wonder if giving up booze and coffee was even worth it since my kids turned out three quarters retarded anyways.

My 21st birthday was pretty fun. We drove to Portland with some friends, spent all of our money in like ten minutes, then decided to go home, get drunk there and play Mario Kart on the 64 to our heart’s content.

Three days after I conceived Bailey (I shit you not), I woke up and told Ben “I’m either pregnant, or I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.” I was sooooo tired. I am convinced, despite getting knocked up on the first try each time, that I was never meant to be pregnant. My body goes to shit in ways I never knew could happen. With Bailey I was foggy and tired all the time. My brain was exhausted the whole time. On top of that, I had a rapid heart rate and saw nonexistent spiders crawling on the walls out of the corner of my eye. On the plus side, my usual bout of nausea was shortened to a mere four months, as opposed to six months with my other pregnancies. (Can I please just take a moment to be thankful that I will NEVER be pregnant EVER again? Thank you God for Vasectomies! Ok, moment over. But seriously, I still have nightmares that I find out I’m pregnant and It’s HORRIFYING!!!)

Fast forwarding a bit, Bailey was a huge baby. And a total dick. She stayed in the same spot with her back as far right in my uterus as possible and she only moved so that she could wedge her bony, little feet under my ribs. I would push her feet down, and she would shove them back up even harder. Then three weeks before my due date, she dropped. Since I have hyper-extendable joints, my hips were always on the verge of being pushed out of socket, which basically destroyed my sciatic nerve. It was freaking miserable. So, as you can imagine, when they offered to induce me, I was super on board. I got the epidural shortly into my induction, which I now know was a mistake. Having someone shove a giant needle that looks like something manufactured by Acme into your spine is so much worse when you don’t already feel like you’re dying.

Since I pushed for three hours with our first baby, Ben assumed that we would be in for another long stint of pushing this time around, too. So when I told him it was almost time and he should go get Rachel, my sister-in-law (who was filming the birth) he decided to take his time and get a drink of water, go to the bathroom and then let her know that things might be happening soon. Meanwhile, my epidural totally abandoned me in my time of need, so I could feel everything. Including the overwhelming urge to push. My body just started pushing with all it’s might, whether I was ready or not. The problem with that, is that I was all alone in my room. I didn’t know what to do. I started pushing all the red buttons I could find and finally a voice said “Can I help you?”. A few seconds later, my doctor came in and halfway lifted my leg and barely put her hand down there when she said “Whoa!! Here we go!” She started ripping my bed apart and the clown car of pediatricians started piling in my room. Just as she unfolds one of the stirrups, and gets my foot in it, Ben comes moseying around the corner. I had been internally freaking out, thinking he was going to miss the whole thing. There was no holding this baby in. Ben made it to my bedside just in time for me to push two and a half times and pop out our baby girl. No joke, if she hadn’t been attached to the umbilical cord, she would have hit the wall on the other side of the room. She was a healthy, fat, 8lb 12oz baby, and she totally tore my junk up like none other on her way out. They managed to repair my lady parts, but I’ve had to sleep with a pillow between my knees everyday for the last seven years because my hips and lower back are a hot mess. Side note, after they stitched up my junk, restoring it from a “t’isnt” back into a “taint”, I wouldn’t stop bleeding. So the nurse practically shoved her entire arm up to the shoulder in there, grabbed a blood clot and yanked it out. I may be exaggerating a bit, but that’s what it felt like. I left that experience with four thoughts, 1) “Ouch”. 2) “Ew”.  3) “I did not want to know that about myself”. (It’s one thing to push a baby out of there, but having a stranger lady’s hand up past the knuckles in there AFTER you’ve been stitched up is just off putting.) And 4) “I must share this experience with the world so that we may all collectively vomit into our own mouths.” You’re welcome.

Alas, I am nearing the end of my birth stories. I only have one more left; the birth of Ava. I’m sure everyone will be super bummed when I no longer have an excuse to talk about my private parts on a public forum, but what can you do?

Who Owns Your Body?

Today the girls and I will drive with my husband’s parents to our state capitol to protest SB 442. If this bill passes, it will eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions in Oregon. Only two other states allow only non-medical exemptions; West Virginia and Mississippi. Personally, (and no disrespect to these states) I would never want to model the health of our people after those two states. Mississippi has the highest vaccine coverage among kindergartners in the country, and the highest infant mortality rate to go with it. Coincidentally, (or not) The United States is the most vaccinated country in the world, and has one of the highest infant mortality rates, as well. Correlation doesn’t equal causation? I’ll let you decide. I mean, obviously there are other factors at play here, but it does seem a little weird that Finland and Japan have the lowest infant mortality rates and give 11 to 12 vaccines to Americas 36 vaccines by age 6.

The point I’m trying to make is, wouldn’t you like to have the power to look at all the data and decide for yourself what is necessary for your children? Who knows them better than you? Those decisions should be between you and your doctor. (But ultimately you, since you have to live with the consequences.) The government is trying to tell you what is best for your kid, and when has our government gotten anything right in recent times? Not only will this be taking away our power as parents to decline a medical procedure that carries the risk of injury and death, but it also takes away the power of the doctors to treat you on a patient-by-patient basis. Believe it or not, but not all doctors agree with the CDC’s bloated, aggressive vaccine schedule.

Not only does this violate the religious beliefs of many people, it also violates the Nuremberg Code, which was put into place after the atrocious forced medical experiments conducted by Nazi doctors.

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

No one should be in support of forced vaccination. We have a broken system in place, as it is. Did you know that a parent cannot sue the drug companies if a vaccine injures or kills their child? Since 1986, the drug companies have been protected by the government (whom I was under the impression works for us.) so they cannot be held liable, even for a faulty product. When this law was enacted in 1986, a tax was added to every dose of vaccine, and that tax goes towards a government fund. When someone is injured or killed by a vaccine, their family has to petition the court to review their case, and after a process that can take years, they may or may not receive a settlement. Let me give this to you strait: Our tax dollars are paying for these children’s injuries and deaths, while the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies get to rake in the profits. They have zero accountability. So, it’s really no big surprise, then, that the vaccine schedule has more than tripled since that time. Why wouldn’t it have? As last month, over $3 billion has been paid out to the families of vaccine injured and killed children.

Right now, there are over 200 new vaccines in development. If you are okay with today’s vaccine schedule, will you be okay with it in another thirty years? What if it triples again? Who owns your body? Who owns your child’s body? Who stands to lose the most if your child is damaged by a vaccine? Will you be okay with vaccinating your other children, if your first child dies from a vaccine reaction? If we allow laws like SB442 to pass, we will be forcing Jews to inject themselves with pork, Hindus to inject themselves with beef and Christians to inject themselves with aborted human fetal cells. Now is the time to stand up for our rights; our rights to pick and choose what we wish to put inside our bodies. A very fundamental right, if you ask me. Learn more about vaccines ingredients and side effects, by reading the vaccine package inserts.


We Homeschool, and You Can Too!

When my husband and I were first married, we had discussed homeschooling our children. Initially, I was on board to do this, but as Kylie, my oldest started nearing kindergarten age, I felt my confidence dwindle. Then there was Bailey to consider. Bailey is my second child, she’s absolutely gorgeous and funny, but she’s a bit of an asshole. Every family has that one person who has to do the opposite of what is expected of them at all times. If she were to act agreeable, I would think something was wrong. Bailey and her stubbornness, destroyed what was left of my confidence in my ability to teach my children, so after much consideration, I put them in public school.

Both the older girls did really well at public school during kindergarten and first grade. I was amazed at how quickly they were learning. Bailey’s stubborn attitude was improving exponentially, as well. They had amazing teachers, whom I kept in regular contact with via e-mail. I was so happy and relieved. The one unfortunate, but predictable downside to public school, was that they (mostly Kylie) KEPT getting sick. Like non-stop. And when Kylie gets sick, she gets really sick. She’s a puker. Bailey, on the other hand, is usually fine in two days. I figured this would happen, because they had never been in daycare or preschool, so all these germs were new to them. I figured it would settle down after first grade, but it didn’t. They kept getting sick. Over and over and over again, to the point that we were in violation of Oregon truancy laws. Which is extremely frustrating and unfair. I called the attendance counselor and she took it upon herself to chastise me for letting them miss so much school. She told me that they have kids going through Chemo who miss less school, and then went on to say that my kids should be there even if they have a low-grade fever. In what sort of backwards world am I considered the bad parent for keeping my kids home while they’re sick? If more parents followed my lead, there wouldn’t be so much sickness being passed around in the first place. (side note, if I were the parent of an immunocompromised child with cancer, I would be seriously annoyed with people using my child as a talking point. Somehow, it has become okay for people to be the voice of all kids with cancer, which I can imagine is highly offensive and frustrating to the parents of actual immunocompromised children. Support them, sure. But stop talking on their behalf.)

The other issues I started to notice, was that the math curriculum was moving very fast. Kylie started off third grade a little behind in math, so we worked very hard to get her caught up (Common Core had just been implemented). In the end, she did get the hang of it, but we had to put in hours and hours of work at home to keep her up to speed. It was crazy. It was very apparent to me, that she was just not quite ready for the math they were teaching her. If only there was a way for me to push that curriculum ahead a year….

Being chastised by the attendance counselor for my awesome parenting was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I made the final decision to homeschool the kids the next year. I was SO freaked out, though. What if I fail them? What if I neglect important information and they end up missing something important that they will need later in their lives? How can I homeschool, when I’m so unorganized and I suck at following a schedule? What if my chronic pain condition flares up to the point that I can’t function? How do I even homeschool?!!!! I’m sure every parent has dealt with these same fears and more, but let me tell you; It’s totally, like, whatever. That should be my homeschooling creed. I’ll hang a sign that says “Homeschooling: It’s Totally, Like, Whatever!”

My point is; Homeschooling is whatever you want it to be. I found some awesome free online curriculum called Easy Peasy at allinonehomeschool.com that works amazingly well for us. Because of my chronic pain condition, I don’t sleep well, so a lot of times the kids will be all done with their online work by the time I get up. Then we spend the rest of the day unschooling. Unschooling is basically child-led learning. The funny thing is, I was so freaked out about homeschooling in the first place, and I didn’t even realize that I had been doing it all along. Anytime one of my kids expresses an interest in something, I drop what I’m doing and we look it up. So if they ask “Do hippos have tails?” we google pictures of hippos and then we watch a couple videos and then we find out where they live and what they eat, and it usually ends with us watching some sort of animal giving birth because my kids are just as weird as I am. And as for Kylie’s math? I found a way to push it out a year; you just wait a year to do it and focus on strengthening the math knowledge you already have. It’s that simple. The kids and I choose what they learn, when they learn it and how they learn it. And we answer to no one!

As far as Bailey’s stubborn attitude goes, I will be doing some follow up posts on that. I’ve had amazing success with her by changing my parenting style from one of criticizing bad behaviors and punishing them, while rewarding good behaviors, to a more peaceful parenting style, where you take the time to understand what is motivating the child to act in a way that is not acceptable, and then give them the tools to deal with their feelings in a way that is acceptable. It has worked wonders with all of my kids, but the difference in Bailey has been huge!

Thank you for reading, and good luck with whatever form of schooling you may choose!

Accidental Trip to the Strip Club

Since I was just telling this story and it’s still fresh on my mind, I guess I will tell the tale of my 27th birthday when Ben and I accidentally ended up in a strip club. For three hours.

My 27th birthday was easily my best birthday ever. Ben had planned a day of secret adventures around Portland. It was really easy to surprise me because I have no sense of direction whatsoever, so I will have no idea where we are until we are pulling into a parking space. My sense of direction is so bad that Ben used to stop the car a few block away from our house and ask me where we need to go to get home. Then he would humor me and drive all over the place until I either gave up, or we hit the Canadian border. In my defense, the streets were all identical and named after trees. Why can’t they just number the goddamn streets? Or better yet, just make the signs colored shapes and animals like they do with the halls at my kid’s school. “Hello, Police Man. My name is CarolAnn, I’m 28, and I’m lost. Will you please help me find my home? It’s on the corner of purple rhombus and turquoise hippo.”

We started out the day at The Grotto, looking at a bunch of really cool looking old statues of Jesus, and whatnot. I find this quite ironic, considering where we ended up later that night. 

“In the Grot-to!” -Elvis Presley

”Eyyy! Peace be with YOU, brotha!” -Jesus Christ

Later on we had dinner at Portland City Grill, where I had the most amazing ginger lemon drop known to mankind. After dinner, we stepped outside and I immediately had to pee. Ben suggested we walk thirteen miles to the Ross down the street, (Ew, no thanks) But I said “No, there’s a bar right here across the street.” We asked the guy manning the front door if there was a cover charge, he said no, but only customers can use the restroom. So we were just gonna stay and have a drink, then go on our way. As we are heading in, I tell Ben to order me a Long Island and I head strait for the ladies room. So Ben sits down at the bar and orders our drinks. He ends up making eye contact with a chick across  the bar and gives her a friendly nod, to which she responded by shaking her boobs at him. That’s when Ben looked behind her and saw the naked chick on the pole. Whoops.

We decide to find a table and sit down. Ben chose a table far enough away so that he could still see the boobies, but the strippers couldn’t hear him weep softly to himself while he repented for his sins. This is probably for the best because I get the overwhelming urge to compliment the strippers on their performance, which I think is against proper strip club etiquette. I really don’t know, though. We recently visited a strip club for a friend’s birthday (not by accident) and when one of the girls got done dancing, I told her “Good job. Way to be hot”. Call me old fashioned, but I feel like sometimes the best payment for a job well done, is to just say thank you. At this friend’s birthday party, we also met the hottest worst stripper ever. She looked like if Katy Perry had just woke from a coma. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were only half open, but she had an amazing rack. She told us that she’s been a stripper for 12 years and how she was tired and wanted to go home because she had to work from 2:00 to 11:00 the next day. Silly strippers. I don’t mean to say that being a stripper isn’t real work, but I’ve had to clean semi-liquid poop out of a bath mat before. Talk to me when you’ve stayed up all night cleaning someone else’s puke out of your bed, your hair or the outside of the toilet (Bailey had the flu and was refusing to puke. Needless to say, that was a losing battle because she spewed everywhere but in the toilet). And let’s not forget the time I got up in the wee hours of the morning to change Ava’s diaper, and she peed all over the changing table, so I picked her up so I could one-handed-mop up the mess, and she took this opportunity to projectile vomit into my hair and down my back. It was even on the back of my legs. What I wouldn’t have given in that moment to have a job that consisted of getting drunk, and dancing around naked from 2:00 to 11:00. These are things I already do for free at home.

Anyways, back to my birthday. Ben had ordered me a Long Island Iced Tea, which in and of itself, is enough to do me in. And he had ordered a vodka and Redbull for himself. He had like half a sip of his drink, and then decided that it wasn’t agreeing with his stomach. I drank both of our drinks. I couldn’t let it go to waste! I mean, there are sober kids in China, for God’s sake. So, after we had our fill of boobies, vodka, Redbull, and whatever magic they put in a Long Island, I just wanted to go home and get weird. Unfortunately Ben said we had to go see a movie at 11:00. He was teasing me about being a lesbian for wanting to cut the night short after hanging at the strip club, but I explained that I was intoxicated enough that I could watch homeless people open-mouth kiss and be good to go. That’s just one of the many great things about alcohol. Another great thing about alcohol? That look of shame and embarrassment on Ben’s face when I do my Single Ladies dance for unwitting people who didn’t really want to watch me dance in the first place.

Seeing the movie instead of rushing home for some sloppy drunk lovin’ wasn’t all that bad because afterwards Ben and I went to Voodoo Doughnut for some bacon maple bars. It was like I was in drunk people heaven. I Hasselhoffed the shit out of that bacon maple bar, and I don’t even care who knows it.

“This… is…… a mess.” -David Hasselhoff

Well, friends. That’s the story of my best birthday ever. I find it hard to believe that it can be outdone. It was THAT great.

The Benefits of Natural Immunity

It used to be thought that if you got a vaccine, you had lifelong immunity. Eventually it became more and more evident that this was not true, which is why everyone is required to get so many booster shots, now. Unfortunately, this is also proving to be ineffective at providing lifelong immunity. When I was a kid, I got around ten vaccines and that was considered adequate to go to school and be around my classmates. Now, if a child is vaccinated on that same schedule, he is considered a danger to public health. How does that make any sense? I can remember having the chickenpox as a kid, because this was on the heels of that vaccine being introduced. Other than that, I don’t recall knowing anyone falling down and dying from VPDs (vaccine preventable diseases). These days, children are required to get between 36-38 shots by age six. To me, this is horrible. How many needles are we going to be required to stick into our babies in another thirty years in the name of disease prevention? Could it be that this is a losing battle?

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, “In the original description of herd immunity, the protection to the population at large occurred only if people contracted the infections naturally. The reason for this is that naturally-acquired immunity lasts for a lifetime. The vaccine proponents quickly latched onto this concept and applied it to vaccine-induced immunity. But, there was one major problem – vaccine-induced immunity lasted for only a relatively short period, from 2 to 10 years at most, and then this applies only to humoral immunity. This is why they began, silently, to suggest boosters for most vaccines, even the common childhood infections such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, and rubella.”


I will link more info on the history of herd immunity at the bottom. I also plan on doing a blog post dedicated to just that issue.

Back to vaccine-induced immunity…. Do you see a problem there? Vaccines only provide 2-10 years of protection. Meaning, if you haven’t been vaccinated in the last 10 years, you are no longer immune to anything. In other words, more than HALF the population of America is not immune. Why aren’t people dropping like flies? What a lot of people don’t know, is that all of the VPDs were on their way to eradication, all on their own BEFORE vaccines.

More info on that here:


What was the cause of these diseases declining, if not for vaccines, then? For info on that, please watch this short video.

Now that we have established how inadequate vaccine induce immunity is, lets talk about all the wonderful benefits of natural immunity. Unlike vaccine induced immunity, which is temporary and carries the risk of injury or death, natural immunity is almost always lifelong. And, while naturally acquiring these infectious diseases also carries the risk of injury and death, it is very rare in the United States. Did you know that prior to vaccination, 95% of polio cases were completely asymptomatic? meaning, that 95% of people who tested positive for polio antibodies, had no recollection of ever having it. Only 0.5-2% of polio resulted in paralysis, and of those cases, half would fully recover. Obviously no one wants their child to be paralyzed by polio, but wouldn’t it make more sense to figure out why some people are more susceptible to paralysis, when 95% are asymptomatic? Doesn’t it seem a little extreme to medicate every single baby born to protect such a small percentage? Especially knowing that vaccines can, among other things, cause a condition known as Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is a condition that causes paralysis eerily similar to paralytic polio. According to one study, there were 1000 cases of GBS reported after vaccination in the United States between 1990 and 2005.


More info on polio here:


Now let’s talk about measles. Prior to vaccination, there were only a few hundred deaths from measles each year in the US. We now know that people who are vitamin A deficient, are more likely to die or develop serious side effects. This is why cod liver oil was a popular treatment for the measles prior to the vaccine being introduced. Cod liver oil is high in vitamin A.




Nowadays, the measles is about as far from fatal as you can get. No one has died from the measles in the US in about a decade, and before that, we averaged about one to two deaths a year. To put that into perspective, NSAID pain relievers such as ibuprofen cause 103,000 hospitalizations and 11,000 deaths a year. More people die from falling out of bed, getting stung by insects and receiving the MMR vaccine, than from the measles. How crazy is that? We’re at the point were the prevention of the disease causes more deaths than the disease itself. In the last ten years, there have been 0 deaths from the measles, but 108 deaths from the vaccine. This reason alone is why we as parents need to retain our right to pick and choose which vaccines we want our children to receive, based on our own individual risks. One may argue that if we stop vaccinating, eventually the deaths from the measles will once again outweigh the deaths from MMR. To that, I would have to point out that our advancement in modern medicine has come a very long way since the pre-vaccine era. (yes, I know. It’s shocking that someone who doesn’t vaccinate their own children would be in support of modern medicine! Kinda puts a damper on that whole anti-science stigma, huh? But, yes. We hippies are big fans of modern medicine, we just tend to be more cautious and only use it when necessary.)

One of the other advantages natural immunity has over vaccine acquired immunity, is that it can be passed on to our babies through breast milk. This cannot be achieved through vaccination. A baby gets it immune system from it’s mother. So, as long as you are breast feeding, you are passing on antibodies to your baby that will help prevent them from catching these infectious diseases while they are most vulnerable. Something that cannot be said for vaccines. While pro-vaxxers are constantly repeating “herd immunity, because herd immunity!!” They have no idea that not only are most people not immune anymore, but that herd immunity can only be achieved through catching the natural disease.

“Early research performed by A.W. Hedrich has been deemed instrumental to the idea that herd immunity is readily attainable.  Dr. Hedrich analyzed measles outbreaks occurring in Baltimore, MD every 2-3 years between 1900 and 1931.  He found that just prior to a major outbreak in that city, the proportion of susceptible children under the age of 15 was about 45-50%. At the end of any outbreak, the proportion of still susceptible children never fell below 32%. Nevertheless, 95-97% of children experienced measles before they reached the age of 15. For this reason adults were immune from measles.

“The finding that a rather large number of susceptible children routinely escaped measles during any particular outbreak gave optimism to the United States Public Health Service that herd immunity works at a threshold, which is considerably less than 100%.  An official prediction was made that measles would be swiftly eradicated in the USA as early as 1967 by establishing and maintaining this readily attainable threshold via mass vaccination, which already started in 1963.  This prediction failed to materialize and measles epidemics in the U.S. did not stop in 1967.  The concept that vaccine-based herd immunity is readily attainable for the purposes of rapid disease eradication appeared to be invalid.”


Basically this means that the only people benefiting from vaccines are school-aged children, (the age group most likely to fully recover from an infectious disease) and leaves the most vulnerable age groups, babies and the elderly, at the highest risk. If we were all allowed to contract these diseases as children, we would not only be immune for life, but babies would be protected through breast feeding. Isn’t nature fantastic?

Recent studies have also shown that there are other benefits to contracting these diseases naturally. It has been shown that having the measles as a child, reduces your risk of developing certain kinds of cancer later in life.

“When infectious diseases of childhood are not mismanaged by the administration of antibiotics, or by suppressing fever, the diseases prime and mature the immune system and also represent developmental milestones.

Having measles not only results in life-long specific immunity to measles, but also in life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours as demonstrated by Ronne (1985).”



This is also true of contracting the mumps. Mumps has been shown to prevent ovarian cancer.

“Epidemiologic studies found childhood mumps might protect against ovarian cancer. To explain this association, we investigated whether mumps might engender immunity to ovarian cancer through antibodies against the cancer-associated antigen MUC1 abnormally expressed in the inflamed parotid gland.”

“Mumps parotitis may lead to expression and immune recognition of a tumor-associated form of MUC1 and create effective immune surveillance of ovarian cancer cells that express this form of MUC1.”


In conclusion, I will leave you with some videos and articles to further your research on the topic of natural immunity. Thanks for reading!